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TP Forever was established in May of 2012 to prolong the memory and spirit of Anthony Michael Platt (Tony Platt). Tony was an amazing person with a huge heart, contagious smile, and an incredible sense of humor. Even though he was taken from this world far too soon, this foundation will ensure that Tony continues to touch lives and that he is NEVER forgotten - TP FOREVER.

In order to keep Tony's memory and spirit alive, we will raise money to support the TP Forever Healing Project, the TP Forever Scholarship Fund at Oregon State University and the Oregon Humane Society. To date, a total of $153,000 has been donated to the TP Forever Scholarship Fund at Oregon State University and $134,615 to the Oregon Humane Society in Tony's name.

Tony Platt
October 22, 1983 - May 21, 2012

Tony Platt was a brilliant young man who will always be remembered for his compassion, witty sense of humor and a smile that was downright contagious.

Tony passed away in his sleep on May 21, 2012 at just 28 years old. We may never know exactly what happened to Tony, but the doctors speculate that either a pulmonary embolism or cardiac arrhythmia caused his death. While it's difficult to comprehend the sudden death of such a good person, especially one so young and healthy, it's clear that he touched the lives of those he knew in a very profound way.

One of seven children raised by Mark and Kathy Platt in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Tony grew up with four brothers - Mark, Danny, Nathan and his twin, Chris - and two sisters, Emily and Betsy. Tony and his twin brother Chris are the youngest of the group, and as such received the privilege of being mercilessly teased and lightheartedly tortured by their older siblings. When Chris and Tony were about 6 years old, for instance, they would start at one end of the house and sprint, as fast as they could, to the other end of the house. As they ran, Mark (the oldest brother) and his friends would hide around the corner and wait patiently with large beanbag chairs, ready to hurl at the twins as they passed. When hit (and this was the object of the game), Chris and Tony would smash into cabinets or fly across the kitchen. Of course it's amazing neither of the twins were ever hurt during this game; it's even more amazing how much fun Chris and Tony had playing the game. This is just one of many memories about Tony's special childhood as an identical twin and youngest of seven kids (Tony was 2 minutes younger than his twin brother).

Tony was a tremendous athlete who enjoyed playing soccer, basketball and golf. As a youngster, Tony was always one of the best players on his soccer and basketball teams, including soccer teams that won Oregon state titles at the U-12 and U-14 levels. As an adult, he participated in recreational basketball, soccer and flag football leagues as well as running Hood to Coast. He was an active person and loved to compete in all aspects of life. Family games of Yahtzee were always a favorite, and despite the friendly competitiveness between Tony and his siblings, they always enjoyed playing together (even when losing small monetary wagers, Tony was never a poor sport).

Tony was also incredibly smart. After graduating from Lake Oswego High School, he earned a degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University and was working toward his MBA at Portland State University. While Tony was taking classes part-time for his MBA, he also worked full-time as a successful Sales Engineer with Analog Devices. Despite a very full schedule, Tony managed to find a balance between work, school and his personal life.

Tony was selfless. His volunteer work with the Oregon Humane Society is just one of many examples of Tony's giving nature. He regularly fostered dogs that needed a home prior to being adopted. Midnight was one such dog, but this dog's circumstances were much different than other dogs Tony had fostered because Midnight was evidence in a criminal case. What was supposed to be 2 weeks of foster care turned into 15 months. 15 months of Tony rearranging his own schedule to accommodate Midnight's appointments and needs, which he was happy to do. Midnight arrived at Tony's house as a frightened pup, terrified at the mere sight of a human. When he was finally adopted, in large part because of Tony's gentle care and devotion, Midnight had transformed into a happy, carefree animal - with a lot of great tricks to boot. In 2011, Tony's commitment and compassion were recognized when he was awarded the Diamond Collar Hero Award by the Oregon Humane Society.

Tony showed the same genuine compassion and kindness to the people in his life as well. He was always accepting of others and developed meaningful relationships in all areas of his life. Work colleagues, classmates, fraternity brothers, teammates on sports teams, and of course his family members, all felt appreciated and cherished by Tony. His young nieces (Marley and Emerson) and nephews (Weston and Myles), all under the age of 4, adored their Uncle Tony.

Tony was wonderfully playful and funny. From his last vacation in Hawaii, Tony sent a postcard addressed to his dog, "Clyde Platt," telling Clyde how much he would love the beaches there. He ended the postcard with "Love Ya Dog" and signed it, "Your Dad." And Tony's Halloween costumes were legendary. One year he wore a t-shirt that said "Go Ceilings!" and had one of those #1 foam fingers on his hand. Yep, he was a "ceiling fan." Another year Tony dressed as a "Party Pooper," which included a party hat and an actual toilet seat as part of the costume. Tony was spontaneously funny. He always had a way of lightening the mood and making everyone laugh with some of the best jokes (and some of the worst - you know, the kind that are so bad they're actually funny). He constantly organized outings for Blazer games, Timber games, Beaver football games, concerts, comedy shows and golfing trips. The occasion or venue wasn't necessarily important; he just wanted everyone to be together and to share the experience with those dear to him, his friends and family.

Tony was truly an incredible human being and although he was taken from this world far too soon, TP Forever will ensure that Tony continues to touch lives and is never forgotten.